Where it all began
This is a story about premium tequila. The 100% blue agave kind. On the sun-baked fields of Jalisco, Mexico. Where, under the eye of Master distillers, Agavales is born, raised and made to last. Made to be sipped and savoured, held to the light and admired, celebrated and enjoyed at your leisure. Agavales Premium Tequila.

Award Winning


100% Blue Agave. Gluten Free.
100% Authentic. Double Distilled.

Produced by Mexico's most revered Tequila distillery - Casa Maestri. Agavales delivers authentic flavour, premium taste, and a exceptional experience to the most discerning drinkers. Agavales is committed to quality. The focus is small batch premium 100% Blue Agave Tequila. Traditional methods ensure there is no compromise on taste and consistency.

Hitting the spot

Agavales is produced by Mexico's most revered Tequila distillery - Casa Maestri, providing authentic flavour, premium taste, and a delightful experience to those who enjoy it. Casa Maestri Distillary is located in the heart of Jalisco Mexico, in the magical city of Tequila.

Using only traditional methods, and the best agaved from the region of Tequila as well as highlands an lowlands of Jalisco The process of growing, harvesting, cooking, pressing, fermenting, distilling, ageing and bottling takes place under the direction of our master distiller and his skilled team.

Our Premium Range