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Distilling to create Agavales Tequila

The fifth step of creating Agavales tequila is distillation, in which ferments are separated by heat and steam pressure within stainless steel pot stills or distillation towers. Distillation is the process of separating a liquid or vapor mixture into its component parts, through vaporization and condensation. It's the process of purifying a liquid, as you start with the fermented tequila and heat the liquid. Distillation is done slowly at a low temperature so as to allow an amount of heads and tails to remain in the distillate, to keep desired flavors, as it is in these heads and tails that much of the flavor resides. Agavales tequila is distilled twice. The first distillation, also known as “destrozamiento” or “smashing,” takes a couple hours and yields a liquid with an alcohol level of about 20% known as “ordinario.” The second distillation, known as "rectificación" or “rectification,” takes three to four hours and yields a liquid with an alcohol level near 55%. After the second distillation the tequila is considered silver, or “blanco,” tequila.