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Lime Margarita

The perfect blend of tart and sweet, our Original Lime Margarita is the perfect companion while you’re basking by the pool or pairing with your fajitas.
Agavales Tequila Cocktails
Strawberry Margarita
Just the right hint of fresh strawberry flavor makes this margarita very easy to drink and pair with everything.
Agavales Tequila Cocktails
Mango Margarita
The full, juicy mango flavors are what really set this margarita apart. Just add a little chamoy and Tajin for the perfect Mangonada!
Agavales Tequila Cocktails
Watermelon Margarita
Sweet and juicy, Agavales Watermelon Margarita was made to be enjoyed outdoors with good friends and good food.
Agavales Tequila Cocktails
Spicy Margarita
Our original recipe with a hint of spice from Guajillo chilies for our more adventurous connoisseurs.
Agavales Tequila Cocktails