Hosting A Galentines Party With Agavales

Valentine’s Day is all about love, however, many of us are so focused on having a partner on that day, we forget the love that already exists in our lives from friends and family. So, why not celebrate that love with a Galentine’s party this February?
You can choose from many themes, tequila options, food options, and much more. Here are a few different theme ideas you can use to host a Galentine’s party with Agavales Tequila.

1. The Brunch Bash

You can have a daytime celebration with your girls and enjoy a party with preppy patterns and rosy hues. You can use martini glasses to create the best drinks using Agavales Tequila and pair them with beautiful cocktail napkins to enhance the experience.
For snacks, you can include appetizers, small plates, and desserts that go best with tequila. Brunch desserts pair best with our Agavales Reposado. One thing is a guarantee, brunch and tequila are a perfect match for Galentine’s Day.

2. Cozy Movie Night

What is a better way to bond with your girls than watching a great movie? Netflix and chill are not just for couples, it can be for everyone. So this Galentine’s Day, you can grab some popcorn, and watch a great movie with your girlfriends.
Of course, this doesn’t have to be boring and you can mix it up by having cocktails and snacks for your movie time. If you want to take it a step further, try out some delicious tequila popcorn. Learn how to make popcorn with Agavales Tequila, click here.
You can also use other tequila-infused snacks from this list to have the most fun movie night. After all, who said Galentine’s Day has to be a grand celebration when you can have just as much fun at home.

3. The Galentine’s Soiree

If you like to go all out, then the Galentine’s soiree is an ideal choice for you and your girlfriends. You can keep an elegant soiree and splurge on the best decorations for your celebration. From elegant cocktail napkins, to martini glasses, to ultra-luxe decorations, you can host a Galentine’s soiree of your dreams.
Everyone can enjoy a night of Agavales Tequila, talking, and mingling. You can also curate a unique menu around the tequila so that your girlfriends can enjoy the tasty food and drinks together. Everyone remembers a party with good food and drinks, after all.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to hosting a Galentine’s party with Agavales Tequila. These are the three different ways you can host a party, and the one you choose depends on what you and your friends want to do. All of them will provide a unique experience that you will remember forever.
What are you waiting for then? Start prepping for your Galentine’s party this year with the best tequila and the best decorations. You can choose from our premium range to serve your guests with the best.