How To Host A Holiday Tasting Party With Agavales Tequila

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If you take shots or make margaritas, you are missing out on the true essence of tequila. The agave spirit is much more than that, and tequilas also vary in taste, flavor profiles, and coloring. So, why not get in touch with the essence of agaves during these holidays and host a holiday tasting party?
Here is your complete guide to holding a holiday tasting party for you and your loved ones.

#1 Pick The Varieties Of Tequila

It is important to choose the range of tequila you will use, as it will define your entire tasting experience. We recommend you choose Agavales Tequila's, Premium Range. It comes in three varieties that include:
  • Plata
  • Añejo
  • Reposado
These three tequilas have different flavor profiles, and so you can easily do a diverse tasting during the holidays.

#2 Gear Up With The Right Equipment

A holiday party is incomplete without the right settings and equipment. You will need to keep a few basics if you plan on hosting a holiday party with Agavales Tequila. Here is what you will need to keep:
  • Room temperature bottled water
  • Individual spit buckets for everyone
  • A small cup of coffee beans on the table
The water will help the guests cleanse their palates between tastings so that they don't mix tequilas' taste. Guests can use the cup of coffee beans to smell it and cleanse their olfactory senses between tasting.

#3 Don’t Set Out A Spread Of Holiday Food

During the holidays, we all love to set our tables and serve delicious meals. However, it is important that you don't put any food out during the tasting party. It will allow your guests to focus on tequila's taste as no smell or taste of food will be interfering with their senses.

Once the tasting is done, you can serve small bites that complement the tequilas you have tasted. You can serve food such as tostadas, ceviche, fruits, canapés, and much more.

#4 Keep It Intimate

Holidays are for loved ones, and you should keep it that way. Set a cozy table for your guests so that everyone can be close during the tasting, and no one has to shout to discuss each tequila's flavor profiles.
Create an impressive display of drinks with Agavales Tequila, keep the lights dim, and curate a perfect table for a holiday tasting experience. The ambiance will bring you and your loved ones even closer during the holidays, aside from the love of tequila.

Final Words

Follow this guide to host the perfect holiday tasting party with Agavales Tequila and get in touch with the agave spirit fully. Your love for tequila will grow even more, and you will come closer to your loved ones.
Forget the boring old holiday party and give the tequila lovers close to you the joy of sharing interests. Once you follow our guide, you will have the perfect party everyone will remember. Don't forget to add your touch and have some fun while you are at it.