Celebrate Mexican Independence Day and Women’s Equality Day with Agavales New Tequila Cream Liqueurs!

Boozy milkshake, anyone? Summer celebrations are in full swing, and Agavales is here with an innovative new tequila product just in time to elevate the festivities. Agavales’ line of Tequila cream liqueurs are here!

Agavales Tequila and Cream Liqueurs Our tasty new liqueurs are made from 100% blue agave tequila and real dairy cream. Choose from Original, Mocha, or Lime flavors to take your cocktail to the next level! Made from silver Agavales Tequila and at a strength of 15% abv, our cream liqueurs are perfect to stir up with coffee, blend into a creamy boozy milkshake, or simply sip them on the rocks. Our Mocha Tequila and Cream Liqueur has bold notes of rich chocolate and creamy coffee, a delectable flavor that can be enjoyed iced or warm! Our Lime Tequila Cream features fresh and lightly tart citrus notes blended with cream for a yummy flavor reminiscent of a key lime pie! Original is your blank canvas– with the unique, unforgettable taste of Agavales silver tequila blended with decadent cream, the possibilities for tasty cocktails are endless!
Are you ready to celebrate? With Women’s equality day coming up on August 26th and Mexican Independence Day on September 16th, it’s the perfect time to get ready to celebrate! Agavales Tequilas make an excellent complement to your upcoming celebrations. Our tequilas are produced at Casa Maestri, also known as Destiladora del Valle de Tequila Distillery, created by founder Celia V. Maestri in Jalisco. This hugely successful operation is Mexico’s most awarded tequila distillery and highly regarded around the world as one of the best producers of tequila.
Founder Celia Maestri inspires women in business to work hard and follow their passion. Earlier this year, she was featured in the Entrepreneur’s Herald article “Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs to Look Out For In 2022.” The article recognizes Celia as “one of the few female leaders and owners in the wine and spirits industry, and a passionate consultant to women-made brands.”
Celia and her husband Michael Maestri have decades of experience in the liquor industry and are committed to the excellence and quality that the Agavales brand continues to be known for. This Women’s Equality day, celebrate the strength and unwavering ability of women to overcome obstacles and succeed!
With Agavales’ proven commitment to quality and tradition born in Mexico, there’s no better tequila to raise a glass of on Mexican Independence Day! On September 16th, 1810, Mexico declared independence from Spain. Commemorate this special holiday with a brand of tequila that truly represents the heart of Mexico.
Agavales tequilas are made with traditional, labor-intensive methods that result in an exceptional, authentic Mexican tequila. The fields of agave that are used to make our tequila have been cultivated for generations. When you choose to drink Agavales, you know you are tasting real tequila, always made with a blend of 100% blue agave from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

For authenticity, quality, and taste, there’s no better choice than Agavales!