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Winter Warmers Using Agavales Tequila

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With the cold increasing every year, it is becoming difficult to stay warm.
Tequila is one of the best and most delicious ways to stay warm on a chilly winter night. Of course, creating the best winter warmers is an art form too.
Don’t worry, we have come up with the best and most simple winter drink recipes for you to create delicious drinks using Agavales Tequila.
Here are some of our top choices
#1. Winter Paloma
Here is what you will need for the recipe:
  1. 1-ounce pomegranate juice
  2. 2 ounces cranberry juice
  3. 1.5 ounces Agavales Tequila
  4. Soda water
To create this recipe, combine Agavales Tequila and the juices in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well to combine the drinks and chill.
Pour out the drink in a Highball glass over some ice.
Top with a little bit of soda water and garnish with a lime wedge.
#2. Winter Margarita
Here is what you will need for the recipe:
  1. 2 ounces pomegranate juice
  2. 2 ounces cranberry juice
  3. 2 ounces Agavales Tequila
  4. 1-ounce orange liqueur
  5. ½ ounce lime juice
  6. Salt for the glass rim
To create this recipe, combine all the wet ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake well to combine.
Take a slice of lime and rub it over the rim of the glass.
Dip it in salt and rub it again on the glass.
Add ice to the glass, and then pour your margarita mixture.
If you want, you can even garnish it with a lime wedge.
#3. Winter Tequila Sunrise
Here is what you will need for the recipe:
  1. 1.5 cups blood orange juice
  2. 4 ounces Agavales Tequila
  3. 1 cup of ice cubes
  4. Half a cup of fresh orange juice
To create this recipe, add blood orange juice, tequila, and ice in a blender.
Keep blending till the ice is completely crushed and the drink has the consistency of slush.
Divide your mixture between two glasses and then slowly pour the orange juice on top.
However, be careful, and don't pour too fast so that the orange juice can stay separate from the layer of blood orange.
Final Words
These are the top three drinks that will keep you warm this winter.
Be sure to add Agavales Tequila to these drinks for the best quality and taste.
Once you do, you will never want to drink cocktails any other way again.