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Mexican Mule

Agavales Coctail Wahaca Mule
This drink isn't too sharp or sour, as the ginger beer balances out these flavors.
1 1/2 oz Agavales Blanco 
2 oz Ginger beer 
3/4 oz Lime juice 
Dash Angostura bitters 
Garnish Lime wedge
  1. Half-fill a glass with ice.
  2. Build drink in glass, adding all ingredients except Angostura.
  3. Stir with bar spoon for 10-15 seconds to chill.
  4. Fill remainder of glass with ice, and top up with ginger beer (if required).
  5. Dash Angostura bitters on top and garnish with lime wedge.
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Agavales Coctail Wahaca Mule
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